Birkin beats Birkin: here’s the last record beaten by Hermes’s iconic handbag

The world’s most expensive bag has been auctioned yesterday, and you have no idea of the amount of money it was sold for.

Just like what happened in Kramer vs. Kramer, Birkin beat Birkin. We are talking about Christie’s latest record booth that was held in Hong Kong on May 31st. The object of desire is – not to mention – a very rare Himalaya Birkin of Hermès from 2008, in white crocodile mat with white gold and diamond finishes, that rips the world’s most expensive bag record to the twin Birkin sold exactly a year ago for 300,168 dollars.

Yes, it is the same model as Birkin, the Himalaya Niloticus Crocodile Diamond Birkin 30, which this year was sold to an even bigger amount of money: well, 380,000 dollars. To win it after 15 intense minutes of hammering and rising prices was an anonymous buyer, as usual in these situations.

And if Hermès bags have always been considered one of the best investment in luxury, the last two “record cases” go far beyond expectations. The question that many mortal creatures (like us) ask themselves, is: “What makes the Himalayas Birkin so precious and desirable?”

One of the answers is precisely in the rarity of these accessories (exemplary and non-models, given their uniqueness): according to Christie’s, in fact, the Hermes House – which nevertheless revealed nothing in this sense – would only make 2 of these bags per year, given the long working times and the type of leather used.

But there is much more.

As stated by Agence France Press by Matthew Rubinger, head of Cristie’s handbags and accessories department, Hermès would be thinking of ending the Himalaya handbag production, making these few pieces even more attractive to investors and collectors.

From here to record prices, the pace is rather short.

We can only dream about it, and maybe afford one of the 15 best selling online bags (not bad as an alternative, though!), With the certainty – at this point – that the record will not be beaten for a long time. Is it going to be Birkin vs. Bikrin once again?

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