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Creating the Perfect Men’s Casual Outfit

It’s no secret that all of the writers at My Fashion Must are female, as you can probably tell due to our previous posts mostly targeting women’s fashion. Although, now, I’ll (David) be joining the MFM writing team more often to supply men with advice which we hope will inspire them to keep evolving their individuality through their fashion sense.
In this particular article we will be breaking down some of the must which you require in order to complete that perfect casual outfit, whether it’s for dress down Friday at work, a comfortable weekend or chilled out days out. Our team have carefully selected all listings in this article particularly for helping you get that perfect casual outfit you’ve been looking for.


Avoid printed t-shirts

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What to avoid.
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Plain white t-shirt offer a more mature look.

Something which we will be mentioning a lot throughout this article is simplicity. We believe that in order to have a clean looking casual outfit you have to avoid being attracted to t-shirts incorporating childish, and, generic designs. You know, the ones which they sell in Primark with the Guns n Roses logo on it… Instead stick to something plain and fresh, its feel casual but also be smart in the sense that it can be worn with almost any pair of trousers or jeans. Wearing plain with give you a more mature and sophisticated look.


Experiment with colour

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When you are wearing trousers or jeans, you’ll automatically go for the black or dark coloured pair, because you feel that it makes sense. We say experiment! There is a good chance that you probably have to wear dark coloured trousers to your work Monday to Thursday, so if you get the opportunity to approach a casual outfit day at work, you should bring some individuality to your outfit by standing out with a comfortable pair of light toned trousers or jeans.


Customise your outfit with sock choice

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At MFM, we are sockcentric! Socks can provide the added touches to any outfit, and in particular, a casual one. By wearing a pair of well-crafted socks you can add a bit of contrast with your outfit. By wearing (our favourites at the moment) London Sock Company socks for dress down Friday you can bring the plain outfit to life with a splash of colour around your ankles! Let’s say you are wearing a white t-shirt and light grey trousers. Instead of making your outfit more individual by wearing tacky unneeded accessories, consider wearing designer socks as it’ll help the outfit come across more natural.


Layer up with a plain jumper

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Nothing completes a casual outfit better than the addition of a quality cotton jumper. One of our suggestions is to consider buying a slightly bigger size than you are used to. Why? There are a few reasons, nothing beats the comfort of a baggy jumper, and, this means that you’ll avoid the annoyance of garment shrinking after you put it in the wash after a few times.

Do you agree with out suggestions for completing the ultimate casual outfit for dress down days at your work? Let us know in the comments below, we love your suggestions!

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